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5 in 5 at 8:05 Pot is $100!!


It’s the new Trivia game that gives you cash, brought to you by McGinley’s Irish Pub!  Every morning with Devan and Matt at 8:05, answer 5 questions in 5 seconds or less and win the pot!  Don’t worry if you don’t win… because each day there isn’t a winner, the pot grows bigger!!  Make sure to be listening and call in to 349-7103 for your chance to play and win!


The Monday, 2/19/18 Pot is $100!!


Listen to recent 5 in 5 at 8:05 games below:  (refresh page if player controls aren’t visible 🙂

2-15-18– Our contestant Junior joins prestigious group on this mornings 5 in 5.  Listen to find out what group it is!


2-14-18– Fred joined us for the Valentines Day edition of the 5 in 5 and attempted to be the first person to win on back to back days.  Can he do it?  Listen and find out!


2-13-18– Congratulations to Katrina for winning $475!!  Listen to how it all went down!  Would you have won too?


2-12-18– Deavan and Matt welcome Pam to the show this morning.  Pam wanted that $450 jackpot, but she needed to get at least 4 questions correct.  Did she do it??  Listen right here and find out!


2-8-18– Emily got through on the phones today and answered some questions to win $400!  Were her answers correct?  Listen and find out!


2-7-18– Eban got in again!  Pretty sure he’s using multiple phones to be the correct caller all the time!!  Just because you get through doesn’t mean you have the smarts to win the cash, which Eban has not done yet.  Is the fourth time the charm?  Listen below and find out.


2-6-17– Devan and Matt would like to introduce you to Edward!!  Edward was an impressive contestant for the 5 in 5 this morning.  Was he impressive enough to win the cash??  Listen here and find out!!


2-5-18– Ralph played the 5 in 5 for the first time this morning and gave a great effort!!  Listen to find out if he won the cash below!


2-2-18– Although encouraged to blurt out a guess for each answer, Kerri timed out on most of them and didn’t come close to taking hoe the money.  Kerri’s loss is your gain because that means more cash for you to win on the next 5 in 5!!  Listen to Kerri’s attempt below.


2-1-18– Ginger was feeling confident and got off to a strong start this mornings 5 in 5 at 8:05.  Did she finish strong enough to take home the pot or did it grow just a bit bigger for Fridays version?  Listen right here to find out!


1-30-18– Gayle joined us on the show this morning as our 5 in 5 contestant and took her shot at winning $225!!  Listen to her attempt right here!!


1-29-18– Ryan joined us for the 5 in 5 today and did his best to take home the $200.  Listen below ans see if he was successful!


1-26-18– Miss Ginger was a little hesitant to call in, but she got through and was today’s contestant!  She took her shot at $175.  Listen below to see how she did!


1-25-18– Eban joins us again for his 3rd try at the 5 in 5.  Is the third try the charm for him?  Listen and find out!!


1-24-18– Our man Frank was lucky caller 19 today and took his shot at winning the 5 in 5 jackpot!  Does Frank posses the knowledge needed or fail to everyone else’s delight?   Listen and find out!!


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