5 in 5 at 8:05 Pot is $350

It’s the new Trivia game that gives you cash, brought to you by McGinley’s Irish Pub!  Every morning with Devan and Matt at 8:05, answer 5 questions in 5 seconds or less and win the pot!  Don’t worry if you don’t win… because each day there isn’t a winner, the pot grows bigger!!  Make sure to be listening and call in to 349-7103 for your chance to play and win!


Wednesday’s Pot is $350!!


Listen to past 5 in 5 at 8:05 games below

11-21-17– Kelly got off to a rough start and picked it up in the middle of Tuesday’s 5 in 5.  Did she pick it up enough to win the cash?  Listen below to find out!!


11-20-17– Mike woke up bright and early to make sure he was our contestant for the 5 in 5 this morning!  Was his lack of sleep worth it?  Listen below and find out!


11-17-17– Jenny tried to take home the largest pot in 5 in 5 history today!!  She was good, but was she good enough?  Listen and find out!


11-16-17– Chris was our contestant today, and while he didn’t do great when it came to the questions, he was a great sport and a lot of fun!!  Listen to hilarious version of the 5 in 5 below!!


11-15-17– The pot has matched its largest amount ever at $225 for the 5 in 5… Rachel is the contestant… Does she know how far Jane can run in 20 minutes if she can run 6 miles in an hour?  Listen and find out!!


11-14-17– Dee was our contestant on Tuesday with $200 up for grabs!!  She was a smart woman and did her grandson proud, but was it good enough to win the cash?  Listen and find out below!


11-10-17– Mike was our best 5 in 5 contestant of the week… but was he good enough to win the jackpot?  Find out below!


11-9-17– Scott takes his second crack at winning the $125 jackpot with the 5 in 5.  Is the second time the charm?  Listen and find out!


11-7-17– The famous Mr Ed takesa shot at winning the 5 in 5!  Can he do it or will the pot go up another $25?  Listen to find out!


 11-6-17– Monday’s listener Chari, from the Butte, take her shot at winning $50!  Can she do it?  Does she fail miserably?  Listen here to find out!


11-2-17– Listen to Jaime become our first 5 in 5 winner and take home the $225 jackpot below!!


11-1-17– The first contestant of November was Sandy!!  Sandy thinks she’s pretty smart, but is she smart enough to win the $200 jackpot!?  Listen below and find out!


10-31-17–  It’s the Halloween version of the 5 in 5 at 8:05!  Are you smarter than our contestant?  Listen and play along below!


10-30-17– Katrina was our contestant on Halloween Eve… Does the pot go up to $175 for Tuesday or will Katrina be our first winner!?  Listen below to find out!


10-26-17– Does Trent have the knowledge to be the first contestant to take home the money for the 5 in 5 at 8:05?!  Listen below to find out!


10-25-17– Sandy took her shot at winning the 5 in 5 and $75!!  Will the pot grow to $100 or will she walk away with the cash?  Listen below to find out!


10-24-17– Jana was our contestant today.  Did she have the knowledge to win the $50?  Listen below to find out!


10-23-17– Jaime was our first ever contestant for the 5 in 5 at 8:05… listen below to find out if she won the cash!

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