Amazing Six-Mile Creek Rescue!

As we (Devan & Matt) were discussing last Tuesday (8/15), there was an amazing, life-saving rescue on Alaska’s, intermittently, class V Six-Mile Creek.

This video was shot by James Bennett of Soldotna, an avid kayaker who writes freelance travel and adventure stories, and who was on hand – perched on a cliff – to watch the kayaking events of the Six-Mile Creek Whitewater and Bluegrass Festival. 

He deserves equal credit for saving 64 year old Daniel Hartung’s life, as he we the first person to spot the pinned swimmer in peril; the first person to call for help.

Here’s what you’re watching:

*  Daniel Hartung’s kayak has flipped, and he drops feet first into a “hole.”  His legs are pinned by a submerged log.

* Rescuers above drop him a rope, allowing him to grab on and keep his head, mostly, above the current.  For a bit.

* Losing his strength, and his grip on the rope, Hartung is now bent over by the force of the current, and is fully submerged.

* Obadiah Jenkins ties himself to a rope, then jumps into the creek, colliding with Mr. Hartung, while grabbing him, dislodging him from the pin.

What you don’t see is the life-saving CPR being administered that also saved Daniel Hartung’s life.  He was seconds away from drowning.


Let’s hear it for James Bennet and, especially, Obadiah Jenkins!  Amazing!

(Video courtesy of James Bennett of Soldotna)



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