American’s True Colors Shining Through in Wake of Vegas Shooting

I believe the true colors of the American people have been revealed over the last 48 hours.  I’ve seen all kinds of stories on social media that have renewed my hope for this country.  Have you seen the stories coming out about what happened during and immediately following the shooting?

People lining up for blocks and waiting 10 hours to donate blood. Hundreds of doctors, nurses, and EMS personnel, that were on vacation that went to the hospital and volunteered to help…  first responders and civilians running towards the gunfire to go help people they had never met.

“Older” people acting as human shields, laying over young people they didn’t know saying “you have your whole life in front of you, I have lived mine”.

None of those people stopped to ask if they were Republican or Democrat.  Gay or Straight.  Pro choice or life. They didn’t care if they were black, white, or Hispanic.  They just reacted… which showed the humanity and good, that still exists in the people of our great country.

This was a small snapshot of the entire USA. Nearly everyone at that concert was from a different part of the country.  It’s terrible that a tragedy like this occurred.  And some will use it to continue to divide us on different issues.  Instead of that, I implore us to stand by each other and accept everyone for their actions and not their skin color, job, or political affiliation.  There is only one race… the human race.

There are no doubt issues in this country that need to be addressed.  But let’s remember as we work thru these issues that the overwhelming majority of Americans represent those in the crowd and the people that came to their rescue… not the crazy person with a gun reigning terror down upon them.



Matt Mayer



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