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Another horrific School shooting has rocked our country.  Devan and Matt discuss it here.

Marla Eveillard, 14, cries as she hugs friends before the start of a vigil at the Parkland Baptist Church, for the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which happened yesterday, in Parkland, Fla., Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018.



Ben and Casey Afflecks father opens up about his sons issues with alcohol on today’s Dirty at 30.¬† ¬†He also shares his thoughts on his sons alleged sexual misconduct accusations.¬† The is Dirty at 30 doesn’t get much dirtier!



China has recently banned tasteless and vulgar rappers from appearing on Television!!¬† Devan put together a list of top musical acts approved by the Chinese government.¬† Most of them went over Matt’s head… do you get them?



We got a letter from a listener named Scott today and it opened up a whole can of worms!¬† Listen below to the ridiculous disagreement he got into with his wife about having a surrogate for their second child.¬† Scott… what were you thinking!?!?



Aziz Ansari is the latest Hollywood celebrity accused of  sexual misconduct.   HLN anchor Ashleigh Banfield lashed out at his accuser.  Devan and Matt discuss it during todays Dirty at 30.  What do you think?



Devan and Matt talk about the findings from a recent survey that tells what bartenders find most annoying from customers.  Are you guilty of any of these?  Matt Mayer definitely is!! 


Give a listen to this mornings version of Letters From Listeners.  Stephanie wrote us wanting some advice when it comes to flirting at work in order to get ahead.  What do you think?  Is Stephanie right, or is her husband justified in his feelings?



Devan and Matt had the pleasure of talking with Matthew and Gunner Nelson this morning.  They were great guys and had some fascinating insight to the music industry.  Listen to the interview right here!



The reality star villain Omarosa, no last name needed, was actually a part of the Trump administration.¬† Well, not anymore.¬† She left the administration and it sounds like she wants to tell, or sell we should say, some stories about her time at the White House.¬† Get all the dirty details and thoughts from Devan and Matt on today’s Dirty at 30.



Need the definition to “Overreaction”?¬† Listen to today’s version of I See Stupid People and find out what happens when a woman is asked to put her cigarette out on a plane!¬† Yes… she was smoking on a plane.¬† I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been legal for a couple minutes.



Here is a list of the worst presents to give during the holidays.¬† Matt kinda disagrees and says he likes receiving some of these… we think he should stop drinking now!



Did you know it costs more than $50 to get your kids pictures taken with Santa nowadays!?¬† In New York it’s $300!!¬† Matt just heard this little tidbit and isn’t thrilled about it to say the least!



Listen to the Dirty at 30 with Devan and Matt where they discuss more sexual harassment allegations and Jennifer Lawrence admits she is a jerk to fans when in public.¬† Matt is devastated by this news…



So a mother wants Sleeping Beauty banned because, she says, it promotes kissing a young woman without getting consent.  What do you think?  Is that ridiculous or does the request have merit?  Listen to what Devan and Matt think below.



Marty wrote in today asking for us to help in his dilemma.  Marty witnessed what could be the most white trash moment in history at a neighborhood gathering recently.  Listen below for the situation and what Devan and Matt had to say about it.  As well as taking listener phone calls!



Today’s Dirty at 30 tackles the topic of Simon Cowell smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day and Blake Shelton being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive!¬† Matt thinks if Blake can be named Sexiest man alive that maybe he can be one day too.¬† Who wants to tell him he’s wrong?¬†



If you get into a high speed chase you have to live stream it on Facebook or else it didn’t really happen right?¬† After the chase and you go directly to jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $200, and a song gets created from your live stream!¬† Sounds like a top 10 hit to me!



What’s the number one key to lifelong happiness?¬† Listen to Friday’s Pop Quiz and find out!!



Is honking your horn while driving rude?¬† How long do you wait till honking while someone sits stopped while the light has turned green?¬† Matt admits to having some bad road rage and lack of patience.¬† Find out what Devan and Matt believe to be horn etiquette… do you agree with them?



Remember Puff Daddy… or P Diddy… I mean Diddy… wait…¬† it’s Brother Love now?¬† Take a listen below to hear what Devan and Matt have to say about this irrelevant rapper/producer changing his name AGAIN!



It seems there are a number of skills that are lost from one generation to the next and Devan found a list of skills that the younger generation has lost from his.  Of course when Devan was young churning butter was the major skill to possess!  (Yes, that was a Devan is old joke)  Listen below and find out what skills are becoming obsolete!



It’s Halloween and that got Devan and Matt thinking about the supernatural and un-explainable.¬† Listen to Matt tell a hair raising, chilling story about a friends daughter being saved from drowning by an angel.



Was this tweet from Ellen DeGeneres inappropriate and hypocritical?  Devan and Matt discuss and take a phone call on the topic.  What are your thoughts?

Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!




Devan and Matt discuss the Dallas Seavey controversy during today’s show.¬† Do you agrre with their assessment?¬† Give a listen below!



Are men really more shallow than women when it comes to dating?  Matt Mayer did his own little experiment on Tinder to find out.  Take a listen to the conversation he and Devan had about his results.  This is very scientific stuff here!!



Every once in a while Devan and Matt get Letters From Listeners and today we got one from Nick.¬† Nick’s wife has been asking some questions lately, that Nick doesn’t know how to answer.¬† For example, she is asking if she is the best lover he has ever had, if she is a good cook, and if certain outfits make her look “large”.¬† Devan and Matt have very different opinions on how to answer these questions.¬† Listen below to what they think as well as some listener calls.




This morning Devan and Matt had Elvis Monroe into the studio.  They are in town for a benefit concert to support the Alaskan families that were lost loved ones in the Las Vegas shooting.  Brian, Ben, and Raaman were all in the crowd in Vegas when the shooting occurred.  Listen to their interview with Devan and Matt below as they recount the events of that horrific night and how they have gotten on the road to healing.  (Part 1)

(Part 2)

This is Elvis Monroe’s performance of “The Fight” in the Mix Studio.¬† (Sorry for poor audio quality)



The Boy Scouts of America just announced, starting next year, they will allow young girls to join.¬† Listen to Matt and Devan’s take below as well as what listeners think.¬† I think it’s safe to say Devan and Matt aren’t fans of the new strategy…


More on the Harvey Weinstein and Ben Affleck drama in Hollywood.¬† Don’t miss this Dirty at 30!!¬† Matt Mayer goes off!




Today’s Dirty at 30 doesn’t get much dirtier!¬† Matt Damon and Russel Crowe have been named in connection with a cover up of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault and harassment case!¬† Oh.. and Oprah decided to go to the bank.¬† Listen to all the dirty details with Devan and Matt below!¬†



Could OJ Simpson be heading back to prison already!?!?¬† Is Cam Newton the new poster boy for sexism!?!?¬† Listen to today’s Dirty at 30 with Devan and Matt to find out and hear all the dirt!!



Listen below to Matt Mayer’s take on the Vegas shooting.¬† #UnitedWeStand



Divorce isn’t usually an easy situation for anyone.¬† But Canadians are known for being super friendly so one might think that divorce negotiations might go a little smoother for our friends to the North/East.¬† Not so much in this case!¬† Listen to what this former couple is disagreeing about!¬† This might be the most Canadian thing ever!



A celebrity heads to rehab and Ben Roethlisberger regrets not coming out for the National Anthem.¬† Devan and Matt discuss all things Dirty in today’s version of the Dirty at 30!



With all the controversy going on with NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, and President Trump still allowed to Tweet as well as say things that could be perceived as divisive, Devan and Matt felt they had to share their opinion on the topics as well. ¬†What do you think? ¬†Agree? Disagree? ¬†Can’t we all just get a long?


Find out how stupid people can be in today’s version of I See Stupid People with Devan and Matt.


Have you always dreamed of having a big, round BELLY sticking out of your shirt, but you’re just too dang thin to pull it off?  Yeah . . . uh . . . us too.  Listen to Devan and Matt discuss this new revolution in waist wear and convenience.  Great gag gift or great gift period?



Erica wrote the guys today to get their thoughts on what she should do after her friends caught her fiance at a pool hall with another woman on his lap and being super flirty.  Listen to what Devan, Matt, and some listeners think.  What are your thoughts?  Is flirting cheating?


On today’s Dirty at 30 Devan and Matt chat about the highlights from the Emmy Awards and Kevin Hart cheating on his pregnant wife! ¬†Oh and did we mention the FBI is now involved because of a multi million dollar extortion attempt!? ¬†Listen and get all the Dirty details!



Ever wonder what you can do to make your relationship the happiest it  can be?  Find out right now as Devan and Matt fill you in on the results of a new survey!!



Today’s Dirty at 30 includes Louis C.K. sexual assault allegations, Jemelle Hill from ESPN coming under fire after calling President Trump What!?, and Harrison Ford directing traffic?? ¬†Take a listen to all the dirt from Devan and Matt.

-D&M Shenanigans du jour!


This morning Devan and Matt received a letter from listener Ally, asking what people think of men holding doors open for women.  Ally thinks it is degrading and makes women look weak.  What do you think?  

Here’s some of that conversation.


Listen to this Hurricane Harvey victim take a reporter to town for using the disaster to get ratings! Devan and Matt discuss.



Everyone knows Play-Doh as the colorful putty like stuff that kids use to make just about anything. But do you know what it’s original use was? Listen to today’s Pop Quiz with Devan and Matt to find out!



This morning on the Dirty at 30 Devan and Matt talk about Simon insulting Mel B on America’s Got Talent. And it wasn’t just playful banter, Mel B stormed off stage and had to be convinced to return later. And in case you were wondering… the highest paid actor in the world is… listen to find out!


So I think everyone can agree that the eclipse was pretty cool yesterday. Apparently it effected some people more emotionally than others… this weather man actually came to tears after witnessing it!! Devon and Matt make fun of him in this clip… because… come on! Who cries because of an eclipse!!?? It’s just a big shadow!



Devon and Matt recap a heroic rescue on Six Mile Creek in Alaska! A man risks his own life to save another from certain death! This story gave me chills.



In this edition of the Dirty at 30 the age old question, “is it cool to have sex before a big fight or game?”, is discussed and a dog chooses its owner on judge Judy!!



In part 2 of today’s Letters From Listeners, Devan and Matt take some calls from listeners to try to help Brian out who got into an argument with his wife about whether it was necessary to buy their kids only name brand clothing for going back to school. What do you think? Is it crazy to spend $250 on a pair of shoes for your kids?



In part 1 of today’s Letters From Listeners, Devan and Matt try to help out Brian who got into an argument with his wife about whether it was necessary to buy their kids only name brand clothing for going back to school. What do you think? Is it crazy to spend $250 on a pair of shoes for your kids? Devan and Matt discuss.



Have you heard of the new social media site Sarahah? It allows your friends and coworkers to leave you anonymous advice, constructive criticism,, or compliments. Yeah… nothing can go wrong with this idea! Devan and Matt give their thoughts on this new online fad.



Do you speak in movie quotes? 90% of Matt Mayer’s vocabulary is movie quotes, no wonder he’s single… so Devan and Matt came up with a game to see how good the listeners are at knowing their movie quotes. Play along at home and see how you would fair against these contestants.



Lots of news in the Dirty at 30 with Devan and Matt. One of Hollywoods favorite celebrity couples are calling it quits, a pop star comes out of the closet, and is the Karate Kid making a comeback!? Take a listen for all the dirty news!



Would you ever make your friends and family bid to be a part of your wedding party? ¬†One Bride thought it was a great idea! ¬†I’ll give you one guess on how Devan and Matt feel about it… Listen to see if you’re guess was right!



Just a couple days ahead of Michael Phelps race for his life against a Great White Shark, Devan and Matt discuss the possibilities!



Devan and Matt discuss the top 5 mis-quoted movie lines of all time.



You know how you always throw in your favorite movie quote in normal conversation throughout the day? ¬†No? ¬†Maybe that’s just Matt Mayer… but anyway, you may be saying your favorite movie quotes wrong! ¬†Devan and Matt talk about the top 5 mis-quoted movie lines of all time.



Ever go to a concert and the band doesn’t play your favorite song? ¬†It might be because they hate it! ¬†Devan and Matt discuss bands that hate their biggest hits.



What is going on with all the bear attacks around Anchorage!? Devan and Matt discuss their theories. We swear Devan isn’t crazy!



A couple days ago Devan and Matt spoke about words to drop from your vocabulary in order to sound cool to the younger generations… now they are talking about the new words to add to your vocabulary so you can sound “lit”!



Who do you think the best actor of all time is? Do you agree with Devan and Matt? Who would you add to the list?



Why do Men and Women cheat on each other? The answer may surprise you!  Devan and Matt give you the top reasons men and women cheat.


If you want to appear cool in the eyes of our younger generation make sure to drop these words from your vocabulary.  What we realized, is that Devan and Matt are not very cool anymore!



Just in case you’re ever attacked by a Rabid Raccoon, here is what you should do… or maybe not. ¬†Either way, have fun getting your rabies shot!



The Golden State Warriors went through $180,000 of champagne after winning the NBA championship… Ever wonder what you could get for $180K? ¬†Or maybe what it would be like to be in the locker room after a team wins the championship? ¬†Devan and Matt let you know!



Is Dennis Rodman the solution to calming tensions between the US and North Korea!?  Devan and Matt discuss the possibility, but lets be real, the odds are slim to none!




If you missed it somehow, over the past few weeks, people have been going crazy about ROMPERS for men.¬† They’re called “RompHims,” and the Kickstarter¬†for them has raised nearly $360,000.

And now, we’ve got the first in what’s sure to be a long line of RIDICULOUS new men’s fashion items trying to draft off the RompHim’s success.

A clothing company in L.A. called Hologram City just released new LACE SHORTS for men.¬† They come in pastel colors . . . they’re VERY see-through . . . and you can buy a matching lace button-down shirt to go with them.

If you’re interested in buying them, which you’re not, the shorts and shirt each sell for $49.








5/23/17 Frivolous Titanic Lawsuit





A new day in dating? ¬†What the…?



Remember a few weeks ago¬†when Nordstrom started selling a pair of jeans for $425 that came pre-streaked with fake mud?¬† Well we think we just found the shoes you’ll want to wear with those jeans.

Neiman Marcus just started selling a pair of shoes called the “Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker.”¬† Basically, they’re a pair of men’s basketball high tops that look like a dog ripped them apart.¬†

And they cost . . . $1,425.  But hey, free shipping!



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