Morning Shenanigans Du Jour!

D&M Shenanigans du jour!


Devan and Matt discuss the top 5 mis-quoted movie lines of all time.



You know how you always throw in your favorite movie quote in normal conversation throughout the day?  No?  Maybe that’s just Matt Mayer… but anyway, you may be saying your favorite movie quotes wrong!  Devan and Matt talk about the top 5 mis-quoted movie lines of all time.



Ever go to a concert and the band doesn’t play your favorite song?  It might be because they hate it!  Devan and Matt discuss bands that hate their biggest hits.



What is going on with all the bear attacks around Anchorage!? Devan and Matt discuss their theories. We swear Devan isn’t crazy!



A couple days ago Devan and Matt spoke about words to drop from your vocabulary in order to sound cool to the younger generations… now they are talking about the new words to add to your vocabulary so you can sound “lit”!



Who do you think the best actor of all time is? Do you agree with Devan and Matt? Who would you add to the list?



Why do Men and Women cheat on each other? The answer may surprise you!  Devan and Matt give you the top reasons men and women cheat.


If you want to appear cool in the eyes of our younger generation make sure to drop these words from your vocabulary.  What we realized, is that Devan and Matt are not very cool anymore!



Just in case you’re ever attacked by a Rabid Raccoon, here is what you should do… or maybe not.  Either way, have fun getting your rabies shot!



The Golden State Warriors went through $180,000 of champagne after winning the NBA championship… Ever wonder what you could get for $180K?  Or maybe what it would be like to be in the locker room after a team wins the championship?  Devan and Matt let you know!



Is Dennis Rodman the solution to calming tensions between the US and North Korea!?  Devan and Matt discuss the possibility, but lets be real, the odds are slim to none!




If you missed it somehow, over the past few weeks, people have been going crazy about ROMPERS for men.  They’re called “RompHims,” and the Kickstarter for them has raised nearly $360,000.

And now, we’ve got the first in what’s sure to be a long line of RIDICULOUS new men’s fashion items trying to draft off the RompHim’s success.

A clothing company in L.A. called Hologram City just released new LACE SHORTS for men.  They come in pastel colors . . . they’re VERY see-through . . . and you can buy a matching lace button-down shirt to go with them.

If you’re interested in buying them, which you’re not, the shorts and shirt each sell for $49.








5/23/17 Frivolous Titanic Lawsuit





A new day in dating?  What the…?



Remember a few weeks ago when Nordstrom started selling a pair of jeans for $425 that came pre-streaked with fake mud?  Well we think we just found the shoes you’ll want to wear with those jeans.

Neiman Marcus just started selling a pair of shoes called the “Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker.”  Basically, they’re a pair of men’s basketball high tops that look like a dog ripped them apart. 

And they cost . . . $1,425.  But hey, free shipping!



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