DjBrian Allen Blog #002

Bully or be Nice?

Today I’m talking Woman Woman and everybody else too. It’s not that I consider myself qualified to cover the intricacy of the subject but, there are some things I have learned. I’ll sure give it a shot and maybe learn something in the comments below.

Everybody is different, there is no exact copy of personality or body or face or hairdo and each person in the world has their own unique characteristics. Bullies are everywhere. This can be from kids at school, co-workers, boss, parents, siblings, and even significant others over these differences in the way we look and act.

This Awolnation video attempts to show that everybody is equal. My hope in sharing is to bring awareness that how you treat others that are different matters. This can have a major effect on their lives and self esteem. Everyday I make a point to say hi or smile at strangers in hopes that my gesture makes them feel good.  I do know is that it couldn’t have made their day worse.

Just be nice to everybody and follow the Golden Rule “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. It’s the Golden Rule and I hope you all have a Golden Day..

Enjoy my soundcheck song of the day by Mix 103.1 artist Awolnation and go smile at somebody.



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