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Grilled Cheese Song


Happy April Everybody, This year is going by so fast.. Justin Bieber made the news for something good for once. He punched a guy in the throat for grabbing a woman by the throat, helped a yodeling kid, and did some dancing.. Remind me to never go to Coachella. DjBrian



Star Wars The Last Jedi is coming this weekend.. Are you going to see it? I have tickets to give out to the new RPX Rocking Chairs at the Tikahtnu 16 where The Last Jedi will exclusively be shown in the NEW Regal Premium Experience Rockers. Listen for the Star Wars  sound effect to play on air today between 4 and 5pm then call 349-7103 to win.. DjBrian Allen


For the first time I can remember, I don’t really have any knowledge of the shows that nominated. I have heard of the actors and some of the shows but overall I could really care less about this one. Not sure if this is a sign of old age setting in or if I’m finally at the point where could give zero ####’#. I’ll find out next time they nominate some award show.. DjBrian


Welcome to Christmas 2017.. Enjoy My link about the best Christmas movies of all time and feel free to share your choices.


Hey Everybody,

One of the Greatest things about your live and local radio station Mix 103.1 is that we all have our own portal to the WWW via our local station website


Here is the spot for the local insiders to find the inside info on local radio life and Alaska life from your local Born & Raised DJ since 1988. My first local gig was at 650 am KYAK & 101.3 KGOT back in the day I suppose.¬† I hope in time you might hear the stories of where I’ve been , The local legend Dj’s I’ve met and work with and how I got here after all these years. Did you know that I was one of the original Mix 103.1 Weekend Dj’s right after they first went on the air? We had a different local address and played everything off of the new CD technology. Didn’t even know about websites back then, or cell phones, or Starbucks. We knew some things about radio and learned along the way. Stick around and you may find out some of the great Alaska Radio History from some of the Local Legends I still see everyday at work live and Local at Alpha Media in Anchorage, Alaska.



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