Four-Year-Old Falls Into a Gorilla Exhibit


A four-year-old boy was at the Cincinnati Zoo with his family on Saturday.  And he climbed over a three-foot barrier and FELL about 15 feet into a gorilla exhibit.

A silverback gorilla named Harambe walked over to him and started dragging him.  Zookeepers shot and killed the gorilla.

The response on social media?  People were angry at the kid’s parents for not watching him . . . they were mad at the zoo for preemptively killing the gorilla . . . and some people were even mad that zoos exist at all.

So was it the right decision?  The animal expert from “The Tonight Show” JACK HANNA says it WAS.

He says those gorillas are SO incredibly strong that the kid could’ve been killed in seconds.  Quote, “There’s no doubt in my mind the child would not be here today if they hadn’t made that decision.”

Check out the video.



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