The Happiest States: How does Alaska rank?

You know how we always see these lists ranking things like best and worst places to live, highest rates of violence, etc. And so often, our state does not rank favorably in these surveys.

Well, when it comes to HAPPINESS, Alaskans nabbed the top spot in the United States, according to an annual survey. We’re number 1!!

West Virginia, however, came in dead last for the sixth time in six years. Poor, poor West Virginia.
Not surprisingly, Hawaii is #2. Makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s where so many Alaskans go for a mid-winter boost!

alaska pic

Top 10 states ranked highest for overall well-being:
1. Alaska
2. Hawaii
3. South Dakota
4. Wyoming
5. Montana
6. Colorado
7. Nebraska
8. Utah
9. New Mexico
10. Texas

Good to know we’re winning at something, right? ~Schatzie



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