Have We Lost Our Minds?!

As we (Devan & Cary) mentioned –

A new survey asked people if they’d be willing to give up their internet access FOREVER to save a stranger’s life.  And 55% of people say . . . sorry, bro,…I guess you’re going to die ‘cause I’m keeping the internet!”

Here are five more extreme things we’d do to keep our internet access . . .

  1.  35% would rather keep the internet than cure cancer.
  1.  33% would rather give up their sense of taste than lose the internet. (Yeah, I guess I’ve tasted everything I want to taste, right?)
  1.  30% would cut off a finger. (What if it’s your texting thumb?)
  1.  20% would give up love.
  1.  And 15% would give up human interaction.

WOW!  Just…wow!


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