Help Us, Google!!!

As we (The Mix Morning Show) mentioned –

Whenever we want to  know how to do ANYTHING, our first instinct is probably to type it in Google.  But all that weird stuff we’ve  been asking doesn’t go unnoticed. just did a study on Google searches to see which “how to” questions each state asks more than anyone else.  Here are eight of our favorites . . .

  1. People in Texas are most likely to ask “How to sell your soul.”
  1. People in Kansas ask “How to find Kansas.”
  1. People in Ohio ask “How to make fire.”
  1. People in New York ask “How to explain mansplaining.” That’s quite a paradox.
  1. People in Rhode Island ask “How to make an igloo.”
  1. People in Florida ask “How to get out of Florida.”
  1. People in Arizona ask “How to join the Illuminati.”
  1. And people in Indiana ask Google “How to Google something.”   Hmmm….  

How-To Questions Each State Googles More Frequently Than Any Other State




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