Welcome to 2016, where, if you do something AMAZING but it’s NOT on social media . . . did it really happen? 

Santiago Portillo from Riverside, California was at work on Wednesday, when a car crashed outside and caught on FIRE.  So Santiago ran outside to heroically rescue anyone who might be trapped inside.

But first . . . he propped up his phone so he could take a VIDEO of what he was doing.

And thanks to that video, you can see him run over and drag the driver out of the car.  Then he started yelling at other people to call 911 . . . which, you know, maybe HE could’ve done if his phone wasn’t already in use.

Eventually he DID grab his phone . . . to get close-ups of the driver’s bloody head.

Santiago says the guy’s family thanked him over and over for being a hero.  

What do you think?



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