Important Emoji Research!!

We (Devan & Matt) are not sure if you can learn a lot about an entire state by the emojis they like . . . but, as we mentioned on the Mix Morning Show, we are more than happy to throw this out there and just stereotype away!

A new study found the EMOJI that’s the most popular in every state.  Check the map for the results.

(Plus, as a fun extra quiz, you can test your knowledge of the location of the states…since they don’t identify them by name.  And now we don’t even feel as smart AS A FIFTH GRADER!)  🙁

Highlights worth noting:  The poop is number one in five states – Arizona . . . Wyoming . . . North Dakota . . . Wisconsin . . . and (of course!) New Jersey.

There are two states where the ANGRY face is number one: Kansas and New Hampshire.  And in Arkansas, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, the sad crying face is number one.

And we call this “important social SCIENCE!!!!”  (Shouting that last word LOUDLY makes it so…and ends all discussion).



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