Matt Mayer Reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’d like to start off by saying I think everyone should see every movie for themselves and make up their own mind.  Movies, like music and television, are subjective and what is enjoyable to one may not be to another and vice versa.  That being said The Last Jedi may be my least favorite of all the Star Wars movies.  And yes… that includes the prequels.  Feel free to read on if you have not seen The Last Jedi, this review contains no plot spoilers.

I have never been this excited for the release of a movie so my expectations were sky high.  I’m not sure if that led to my disappointment or if Rian Johnson simply did not do the Star Wars world justice.  If I were Disney I would thank Mr. Johnson for his efforts and then call JJ Abrams and give him whatever he wants to come back and direct the final installment of this new Star Wars trilogy.

What Johnson missed the mark on was the overall tone of what Star Wars films should be.  Johnson tried to take the playful and humorous tone of the Marvel franchise and put it into what should have been a dark, Empire Strikes Back esque, film.  The Force Awakens interjected humor here and there, but used it sparingly and the timing of “jokes” was perfect for the tone of the movie.  The Last Jedi used too much humor, it seemed forced in parts (pun intended), and in critical, dramatic, and emotional parts of the movie jokes were placed and interrupted the flow and pace. 

Like the prequels, The Last Jedi employed the use of CGI way too much.  The Force Awakens and the original trilogy had a real feel to them because many of the ships, characters, and places were built and tangible.  George Lucas got a bit loopy with the ability to just create anything on a computer and Johnson seems to have fallen into that same trap (more pun intended). 

I don’t want to only focus on the negative here, because lets be honest, anything Star Wars is better than 90% of the other stuff on the big screen.  At least if you’re a super nerd like I am.  The character arc of our emo friend Kylo Ren is an emotional roller coaster.  As is the relationship that develops between Ren and Rey.  And Mark Hamill’s return performance as Luke Skywalker is nothing short of spectacular.

If you enjoyed how the Force Awakens placated  to nostalgia of the original films and were hoping for more in The Last Jedi you will be disappointed.  This film, not so subtly, focuses on moving forward and letting go of the past.  One thing The Last Jedi does well is move on from the old and create a path for a new generation of Star Wars characters. 

On a scale of power converters to the death star I would give The Last Jedi an X-Wing (5 out of 10) Again I suggest going and seeing the movie and making up your own mind, but for me it missed the mark.

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