More Amazing “Fashion!”

We (Devan & Matt) believe it is our job to keep you appraised of extreme silliness…so you can avoid said silliness.

2017 is turning out to be one of the WORST years ever for the evolution of jeans.  So far, designers have made $425 jeans that are pre-stained with mud . . . totally crotchless jeans. . . and jeans that zip down the back to expose your butt crack.

And now…THIS.  A designer named Natasha Zinko has created something called “Double Jeans.”  Basically, they look like you put on a pair of jeans, then put ANOTHER pair over them, but had those sit about six inches lower, on your thighs.  GENIUS.  Take a look!

They’re selling for only $695, but if you’re really dying for a pair…why don’t you just put on two pairs of jeans.  That way you can look like a complete silly head without spending a dime!

You’re welcome!  (We’re the “idea people”)  🙂



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