No, YOU’RE Out of Order!!!

A circuit court judge in Jackson County, Michigan sentenced a defendant last December, for violating a personal protection order.  And when the court officer had trouble cuffing him, the judge threw off his robe and HELPED.  (About 2:33 in)  (The video just came out).

The judge’s name is . . . John McBain.  And even before the altercation, he was upping the guy’s sentence every time he talked back . . . just like the principal in “The Breakfast Club”

He started out at three days in jail . . . increased it to 45 . . . upped it to 93 . . . then gave the guy a whole YEAR in county.  All because the guy wouldn’t stop talking back.

It’s a true jack-wad take-down…by DA JUDGE!  Awesome!



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