Get ready to kick your health up a notch. Try these tricks from the book “The Better Man Project” by Men’s Health editor-in-chief Bill Phillips. And yes, they make women better, too.

To start, skip the fancy French wine – and drink wine from CHILE instead. The skin and seeds of the grapes remain in contact with the wine during fermentation. The result? A Chilean cabernet is 38% higher in antioxidants than a comparable French wine. And those plant compounds are what murder cancer-causing free radicals. Sardinian red wine is made the same way – in fact, it’s so concentrated it’s called vino nero, which means “black wine.”

Another easy way to take your health to the next level: Eat two foods high in potassium every day. Like bananas, sweet potatoes, and cooked tomatoes – which have higher levels of potassium than raw tomatoes. And getting more potassium can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%, because it lowers blood pressure and draws excess sodium out of your system.

And here’s how to easily improve your memory: Relax for 10 minutes after learning something new. You’ll absorb and retain 25% more information. According to the journal Psychological Science this is called “wakeful rest.” And closing your eyes and sitting quietly helps move new knowledge into long-term memory by shutting down a few of your senses. That gives your brain more energy to work with, so it can form a “memory trace,” to help you re-locate that information later. And you don’t even have to be thinking about what you just learned while you’re chilling out. Just let your mind wander. You’ll feel more relaxed, and your brain will automatically reinforce what you just learned.

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