If all the shopping, cooking, and party planning is making you feel more furious than festive. Here are three steps that’ll put the ‘happy’ back in your holiday.

  • Number One: Ask yourself “What do I really want during the holidays?” Is it more time with your family? More peace around the house? More spirituality? Once you’ve figured it out, you can create a strategy that’ll help you get there.
  • The next tip for a happier holiday: Reframe your mindset. Instead of thinking, “I have to go to this party, I have to get this gift, I have to decorate my house,” shift it to “I get to go to this party because I have amazing friends who want me around. I get to decorate my house because it brings joy to our family. I get to give this gift because I have loved ones in my life.” Take on the attitude of abundance, gratefulness, and opportunity.
  • Finally, to have a more meaningful and joyful holiday: Be of service. To find volunteer opportunities in your area, visit volunteermatch.org. Johns Hopkins University says volunteering is a proven way to improve mood and lower stress. So bring flowers to a retirement home, schedule a visit to the children’s ward at a local hospital to deliver toys, or help serve a holiday meal at a homeless shelter.
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