Associated Press
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – A judge is considering whether to dismiss a lawsuit by a civil liberties group alleging Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s veto of nearly $335,000 from the state court system budget was unconstitutional and retaliatory.

Attorneys for the state contend the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska is asking the court to do what it complains Dunleavy did and interfere with a co-equal branch of government.

In arguments Tuesday in Anchorage, Assistant Attorney General Jessica Leeah said the case is political. She also questioned whether the plaintiffs had standing to bring it.

Dunleavy cut from the court budget an amount the administration said was commensurate to state funding for abortions following an Alaska Supreme Court decision striking down a law and regulation seeking to define what constitutes medically necessary abortions for Medicaid funding.