Here are 2 surprising factors that can increase your risk of skin cancer…

Number one: A giant raise, bonus, or financial windfall! Because according to the New York State Cancer Registry, the wealthier people are, the greater their risk! The researchers found that the risk of melanoma is highest in affluent neighborhoods. What’s the connection? Rich people are more likely to go on tropical vacations, or spend a lot of time in the sun on the golf course or tennis court.

The second factor that increases the risk of melanoma: Your commute. Dermatologist Dr. Adnan Nasir says people who spend the most time in their cars are more likely to get sun damage and skin cancer on their hands and face. And it makes sense – because even on days we’re wearing long sleeves, our hands and faces are still exposed while we’re driving. And although the windshield is treated to block cancer-causing UV rays – the driver’s side window is not. That’s why St. Louis University says 74% of malignant melanomas occur on the left side of the body.

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