Biologists recruit Anchorage residents for moose survey

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – State wildlife officials want Anchorage residents to report moose sightings for three days starting Friday.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is conducting its third year of a survey that uses DNA taken from city moose to estimate moose numbers in the Anchorage Bowl.

When residents report a moose, department personnel drive to the area and collect a DNA sample with a dart.

Genetics samples identify individual moose and generate the count.

Department biologists use the technique because flight rules restrict aerial moose counts. Low snow years also hamper aerial counts.

Moose sightings Friday morning through 5 p.m. Sunday can be reported online at , by phone at (907) 267-2530, or by text at (907) 782-5051.

Reports should include the number of moose, time of sighting, and moose location.