Why wait for a cancer diagnosis before we start taking steps to prevent it? That’s the question posed by Dr. Dwight McKee, an oncologist who regularly teaches cancer survivors how to stop the disease from returning. And, what he teaches can also help you avoid getting cancer in the first place! So, what are Dr. McKee’s top anti-cancer strategies?

First, test your home for mold. Because some toxins found in mold are among the most likely substances to cause cancer. So, if you’ve ever had a water leak in your house – or you smell mildew – Dr. McKee says it’s critical to have your property tested for mold.

The next anti-cancer strategy: Try volunteering. Because ANY act of kindness will trigger positive emotions proven to boost both your immune system AND the immunity of the people you’re helping!

Finally, let’s talk about stress. Because chronic stress is a top factor that causes inflammation, which Dr. McKee says is like jet fuel for cancer! Because inflammation triggers the release of chemicals that literally damage cells and help grow tumors. It’s why he says ANYTHING you can do to lower your stress will also lower your risk for cancer – whether it’s taking up a new hobby, hiking, or meditating a few minutes a day.

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