Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds!

Do you have a dog OR a cat, and now you want a dog AND a cat? Here are the dog breeds that get along well with cats. This comes from the American Kennel Club:

  • First, think about getting a beagle. They’re very friendly around all animals, and have an easygoing attitude. And even though you may see a beagle chase a cat outside from time to time, indoors, they won’t keep that same energy.

  • Another dog that gets along well with cats: A Labrador retriever. They’re outgoing, but also very gentle, and get along well with cats.

  • If you want a small dog, try a Papillon. Papillon is French for butterfly – and you may recognize this dog because it has big, fluttery ears. It’s also called a Continental Toy Spaniel. The Kennel Club says it’s the dog versions of your friend who invites you to every social gathering. This breed welcomes any and all friends.

  • Golden retrievers are another breed that’s typically gentle with cats, even when playing, and will just consider the cat a part of its family.

  • Finally, if you want a dog that gets along well with cats, try a Japanese Chin. The breed has even been described as a “cat in a dog suit” because of their cat-like agility. They’re even-tempered and adaptable to new members in the family.



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