Which dog is the right one for you? Don’t judge a dog by its looks – judge it by its breed-specific personality traits. Here are some examples from veterinarian Jerold Bell at Tufts University:

If you live in an apartment, think about getting a greyhound. They’re quiet, independent and reserved – and they like to lie around. So a greyhound is a great choice if you don’t have any outdoor space. They’re also prone to gum disease, so know you’ll need to brush their teeth daily.

If you love the outdoors, you’d do well with a lab. They’re muscular and have an all-weather coat, which makes them ideal as a hiking or running partner.

If you have cats, try a pug. They don’t have a predatory drive – so they won’t think of your cats as dinner. But they can have breathing problems – so to avoid getting a dog with potential respiratory issues, make sure each nostril opening is one-third the width of their face.

And if you have kids – or you plan to have kids – get a Collie. Lassie’s family-friendly attitude wasn’t just for TV. They’re energetic outdoors but calm indoors – perfect for small kids. If you want less fur maintenance, get a smooth-coated Collie.

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