5 in 5 at 8:05 Trivia for Ca$h

The 5 in 5 at 8:05

Brought to you by: American Tire & Auto

It’s the radio Trivia contest that gives away cash, every morning at 8:05 with Matt Mayer and Joe Campbell!  

 Answer 5 questions in 5 seconds or less (that’s 5 seconds for each question) and win the pot!  Each day without a winner, the jackpot grows by $25! Make sure to be listening at 8:05a and call in to 349-7103 for your chance to play and win!

Congratulations to Stetson in Anchorage! Stetson took home a 5 in 5  jackpot of $75 on Thursday, March 2nd!

The jackpot will be $325 on Tuesday!  (3/21/2023)

Be listening for your chance to win @ 8:05 am from Alaska’s Best Mix 103.1!

Thanks to American Tire & Auto for giving us the cash to give to you!