Did you or someone you know recently join a Men’s Shed?

That’s the name for a social group, where guys get together to build stuff – like furniture, bird feeders, park benches and – yes – sometimes actual sheds! Or, guys can learn how to build stuff, say, by taking welding classes, sewing or using power tools. 

According to Mark Winston, founder of the U.S. Men’s Shed Association, the point isn’t really to make things. It’s more about giving men a chance to do something productive and build new FRIENDSHIPS in the process! Because according to the latest Gallup data, today’s men have fewer friends than ever – with a shocking 1-in-7 adult men saying they have NO close friendships! Which means a lot of guys are at serious risk for loneliness and depression.

And where women tend to form new friendships by talking face-to-face, research shows that men prefer socializing while they’re side-by-side – say, watching sports or building things. It’s less threatening, psychologically. Because, in a man’s subconscious, being face-to-face is considered confrontational. 

Men’s Shed groups have been popular overseas for years…… And now they’re finally catching on across North America.

Want to check one out? Check out US Men’s Sheds dot org – or Men’s Sheds Canada dot CA. 

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