DjBrian Allen Blog Christmas Weekend Edition

Mix Morning Show’s Matt Mayer’s Truck was Stolen the morning of 12/22/2017 from his residence. Anybody who spots the truck please share the information with the proper authorities.

Here is Matt’s Facebook Post describing the truck. Please BOLO Everybody

“Hello Everyone!! Matt Mayer here, and I could use your help!! My tuck was stolen from my apartment this morning. If you could keep your eyes open for it I wold be forever appreciative! Its a 2016 grey F-150 Sport. The first 3 of the license plate is JEX. If you happen to see a vehicle fitting this description please call the police and give them any info you have. I love all our Mix listeners and thank you so much!! The case number is 17-52394, please give that info to police if you happen to see it!”




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