Subway of the Future

Subway of Alaska is bringing the future online with their new changes. The greatest day of the year is  Tasting Day at Mix, it could best be described as Christmas, Halloween & Birthday all rolled into one to the staff at all the radio stations in the building. When you offer a radio dj a chance at free food, you bet they will show up extra early that day.  This Empty tray was my ticket to discovery that lead me to the all new Subway of the Future.


Subway is celebrating 30 years in Alaska this year and they have made additions that will keep you coming back for more. They are cutting down the time it takes to get your meal by offering in store pick up by using the Subway App for iPhone or Android.

I paid for my order on the App and it was ready for me when I arrived. No Line, No Wait, No Kidding.. I knew that one 6-inch sub was not enough so I ordered from the kiosk and had one of the Turkey bacon & Guacamole from the Signature Wrap Collection. (fact: The Wraps have Double the Meat of the 6-inch Sub Sandwiches)

The best thing about Subway for me is the ability to customize your order. I am a little picky about my food intake so I prefer to leave all the veggies off along with anything except guacamole, light mayo, honey mustard, and salt & pepper. The way I look at it, I’m easy to make a Sub for.. less work adding all those healthy ingredients. (My daily large salad is how I get that stuff.)

To Wrap Up (pun intended) this Subway of the Future is definitely in the now.. I like the ability to order, pay, and pick up without waiting. There were a couple of things i didn’t get a chance to try out this time.   I will check out the new drive-thru system and the new DELIVERY.. YES! Delivery Available through “ON THE MENU” it’s a local delivery service that is teaming up  to bring your Subway to you. Take a look at the satisfied customer and make your day a Subway..Subway order

Subway is on the menu
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