Nocturia is the excessive need to wake up and pee after going to bed. Normally, our body clock regulates our bladder capacity, increasing it during the night, so we can sleep without needing to get up and “go.” But at least 1-in-3 adults wake up to use the bathroom a few nights per week.

So is nocturia something we should worry about? Generally speaking, NO… Because most cases are the result of drinking too much liquid before bed. And as we get older, our bladder tends to lose holding capacity. So an easy way to solve nocturia is to avoid drinking any liquid within 2 hours of bed.

But if you have unexplained nighttime urination – that isn’t the result of drinking too much liquid – schedule an appointment with your doctor. Because nocturia can also be a side effect of taking certain medications – like blood pressure drugs.

Or, it can be a symptom of more serious health conditions… including prostate problems, sleep apnea, diabetes, or even congestive heart failure.

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