JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – New budget documents show Gov. Mike Dunleavy is proposing to cut nearly 460 state positions, a lower figure than what was given during a news conference Wednesday.

Dunleavy’s budget office director, Donna Arduin, said Wednesday that more than 700 positions could be cut, not counting any cuts the University of Alaska system might make.

But deputy director Laura Cramer said Thursday that the figures cited by Arduin were comparing Dunleavy’s budget to the draft plan largely crafted by Dunleavy’s predecessor that was seen as a placeholder and submitted in December.

The new budget documents compare Dunleavy’s budget to the current year spending plan. They identify 459 positions that could be cut. Many of those are within the Alaska Psychiatric Institute, the only state-owned psychiatric hospital which is now being run by a private company.