How do you know if your cat loves you? We have the answer from cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, host of the long-running Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell”. Galaxy says all cats express their love in different ways but there’s one common truth: For cats, love equals trust.
That’s why cats rolling over and exposing their bellies is meaningful. Because simply by exposing their most vulnerable part – where all their organs are – is a sign of trust. Although it’s not really an invitation for you to rub their belly.

Another way cats express their feelings? The slow blink… that’s when cats slowly open and close their eyes while looking at people. That’s a cat’s way of saying “I trust that you’re not gonna kill me.” Galaxy also says, if you live with a cat and they spend time in the same room as you, looking for you, and they don’t just see you as a food dispenser, that’s also love.

And his advice for the number one way to get closer to your cat and improve their life? Play with them every day. Galaxy says cats are hunters. And you can boost their confidence and bond with you by playing hunting games… like using a toy to simulate the movement of prey. If you do that every day, you’ll see a demonstrative difference in their overall physical and mental health. And your bond with them will increase twofold within weeks.

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