How do 100-thousand dogs die each year? From riding in the bed of a truck! That’s according to The American Humane Society.
Veterinarians say they see numerous cases of dogs injuring themselves by jumping out of beds, breaking legs and joint injuries that often result in amputation. In addition, dogs also face a severe risk of being ejected from the bed of a truck. Even if a dog is tethered to the truck with a leash, they’re still in grave danger. If they fall out, they could be strangled. And this time of year, the floor of a truck bed can be so hot, it can burn a dog’s paws. It can be 40 to 60 degrees hotter than the air temperature.
Even beyond the crash risks, the force of the wind entering a dog’s lungs and ears isn’t healthy. Plus, bugs and debris can also get lodged in a dog’s ears or eyes. That’s why, in many places, it’s illegal to have your dog in the back of a pickup truck without proper restraint… and by proper restraint, we mean a dog crate that’s securely fastened down. They make great ones now, that come with floor pads, to protect paws. Special fabric to reflect the sun’s rays and help keep dogs cool. Some even have fans and cooling systems. You can find them on Amazon. Just google “dog crate truck bed.”

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