Statistics show that January is the most popular month for people to join gyms… Because they’re motivated to lose weight in the new year. And a lot of gyms cash in on your New Year’s resolution by launching aggressive promotions. But even though they might seem like good deals, I’ve got expert tips to keep you from falling for a gym gimmick.

First: Join in February – when the initial January fad has worn off. Experts say that gyms will be more likely to negotiate a better deal with you during a slow month like February than during the red hot sign up month of January.

Then, before you sign up, know how much it costs to join every gym in town. Experts say that most gyms will match other prices. So, talk with your friends about how much they pay, and arm yourself with phrases like……“My friend pays this price at her gym. Can you match it?”

Also, read the fine print. A lot of memberships tap into your checking account and withdraw money every month. If you don’t put a limit on it, you could be paying indefinitely for a membership you used twice.

And the final gym tip: Consider a pay-as-you go contract.

A study found that gym-goers who paid per visit — instead of a flat monthly rate — saved an average of $600 dollars a year.

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