Here’s a cure for your migraines…

No pills…

No doctor visits…

No side effects – except a super-fit body.

Go for a run. According to Dr. Alexander Mauskop of the New York Headache Center in Manhattan, it works as well as prescription medication. He says, in studies, migraine patients had fewer headaches after doing a 40-minute cardio workout three times a week for three months. And it worked as well as one of the top migraine-preventing drugs, topiramate – but without the side effects of depression, tremors, and cognitive impairment.

And a workout can help with regular tension headaches, too. So how does it help?

Well, first of all, exercise is a proven stress reliever – and stress is a major headache trigger.

It could also be endorphins at work. The feel-good chemicals produced when we exercise actually block pain sensors, acting as a natural painkiller.

And Dr. Mauskop says one study found that regular daily exercise helped 65% of his patients – which makes it as effective as the best meds on the market.

Dr. Mauskop recommends a half-hour of moderate-intensity cardio, like jogging, biking, or swimming three times a week. Your migraines could start disappearing in a couple of weeks.

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