We can generate an enormous amount of feel-good hormones – and beat depression – just by eating more of two things every day. Ready? It’s fruits and vegetables!

In fact, research now tells us that every serving of fruits and vegetables you eat in a day will increase your happiness level dramatically. That’s according to a study from the University of Warwick in the UK. Researchers followed over 12,000 patients and had them keep food diaries and report their psychological wellbeing. And for each increase in produce servings, happiness levels went up. And here’s something interesting… It didn’t matter if the fruits and vegetables were canned, frozen or fresh. And the Warwick researchers say people who went from barely eating produce – to eating 8 servings a day – had a happiness boost equivalent to going from unemployed, to having a job! They also found that the MOOD-boosting effects of produce happened more quickly than the health-boosting effects!

The researchers found that the happiness boost was generated because of how the nutrients helped balance hormones – activated feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine – and reduced the chemicals that increase depression and inflammation.

The headline from this study is powerful and simple: Eating more fruits and vegetables can fight depression.

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