While it’s true that people who do morning workouts are more consistent – there are a lot of benefits to exercising after work, too.

First of all, you’ll have company. According to the Jawbone activity tracker, 6PM is the most popular time of day for running, strength training, spinning and cardio-dance.
You’ll also push yourself harder later in the day – but it’ll feel easier. Research shows people tend to workout 20% longer in the evening – and at a higher intensity. That’s because it’s the time of day when our body temperature is highest – so we’re more flexible and have more power. In fact, researchers at the UK’s University of Birmingham say the ideal time for an evening workout is about 11 hours after you wake up.

Also, experts from Texas A&M University say we have higher levels of testosterone in the evening – men and women. And that can lead to increased muscle growth.
And don’t worry about an evening workout ruining your sleep. According to the journal Sleep Medicine, people who fall asleep 2 hours after exercise get more deep, restorative sleep – compared to people who exercise earlier in the day.

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