Thinking about getting a cat? Here are a few good reasons to head to a shelter and find your new furry friend:

According to the University of Minnesota, owning a cat reduces stress and anxiety – and that can have an impact on your risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, owning a cat reduces the chances of having a heart attack by 40 percent.

Another good reason to get a cat: If you want companionship but you’re super busy. Cats are one of the most low-maintenance pets you can get. They don’t need walks, baths or tons of attention. In fact, cats sleep between 17 and 20 hours a day.

Cats are also a great pet if you’re a neat freakbecause they are too. Cats are neat freaks. In fact, for the 5 or so hours a day your cat is awake, it’ll spend half that time grooming itself.

And that neat-freak tendency extends to their bathroom habits. Cats are naturally inclined to use a litter box – no training necessary.

Cats also help kids develop stronger immune systems. According to The Journal of Pediatrics, children in homes with cats are less likely to become ill with allergies and respiratory issues.

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