Gentlemen, here’s an important question: Why are you losing your hair? It may be because of the way you DRY it, after you wash it. That’s according to Leon Van-Gorkom, the senior manager of hair-care product development for Unilever, which owns nine different hair-care brands, including Suave, Dove and Tresemmé.

And Leon says, when the hair is wet, it becomes more vulnerable. And rubbing your hair with a towel – the way most men do – creates friction. That can damage and weaken the hair’s cuticle, which is the outer layer of each strand. And when your cuticles are weakened to a certain point, they begin to erode, and your hair breaks and falls out.

Of course, rubbing your hair with a towel isn’t the main reason people lose their hair – but it can add to any hair loss you’re already experiencing… due to hormonal changes, stress, or your inherited risk for hair loss. So instead of rubbing – pat your hair dry. Or use an old, soft, cotton t‑shirt to make a turban. That’ll absorb the water without damaging your hair.

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