If your friends tease you because you’re the first person on your block to start decorating for Christmas… Don’t worry. It makes you happier!
Psychologist Deborah Serani says the act of decorating creates a neurological shift that can lift your mood, and heighten anticipation, so you’ll enjoy the holidays even more once they finally DO come around.

That’s because it takes you out of your normal, habitual routine. And that newness spikes our production of feel-good dopamine.

It also awakens your senses… You’re hanging lights – and sipping peppermint hot chocolate.

You may also be decorating with colors you may not normally use – like red and green… And in terms of chromotherapy or color therapy, that can increase energy levels and boost happiness.

Of course, there’s also the nostalgia factor. The holidays can be a magical time, filled with happy memories and it’s a time of innocence. And if you’re someone who has happy childhood memories of the holidays, then you’re more likely to want to re-create that feeling sooner rather than later.

One more benefit to decorating early? Your neighbors might think you’re friendlier! Research has shown that people interpret holiday decorations on a home as a cue that the people inside are sociable and friendly.

So go ahead and put your holiday decorations up early… It can make you happier!

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