Did your dog develop a bad case of kennel cough after being boarded for the weekend, spending time at doggie daycare, or playing at a dog park? Treat their cough and sore throat just like you’d treat your OWN, with a spoonful of honey!

According to WebMD, kennel cough is the doggie version of a cold or the flu. It’s caused by a variety of bacteria and viruses, and is highly contagious. So, keep your dog away from other dogs until they’ve completely recovered, which takes about 3 to 6 weeks, depending on their age and overall health. In the meantime, honey can help coat and soothe your dog’s irritated throat. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which will help kill the germs that triggered the infection.

Most dogs will recover from kennel cough on their own. But if they’re not improving after 3 weeks, or if they become listless, stop eating or start breathing rapidly, contact your vet right away. They might need additional treatment.

Also, ask your vet about the proper dosage for your dog, based on their medical history. But the basic rule of thumb is a‑half teaspoon of honey for dogs that weigh less than 25 pounds, and a teaspoon for bigger dogs. The good news is, honey isn’t a foul-tasting medicine you’ll have to force your pet to eat. Dogs will usually lick the honey right off the spoon!

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