Here’s how powerful honey is…

For example: Honey in your tea is awesome – but putting honey on your cuts and burns can help heal them! The best choice is Manuka honey from New Zealand – which is packed with a potent antibacterial compound called methyl-glyoxal. Your best bet: Choose one with a Manuka Factor of 10 or higher… which means it’s medical grade. Then slather it on burns and minor cuts, and cover, for faster healing. You’ll find Manuka honey at Walmart, Trader Joe’s and on Amazon.

Next: Honey is great for diabetics – because it’s better at helping keep glucose levels stable, compared to regular sugar. So, talk to your doctor about trading honey for anything you might sprinkle with sugar.

Finally: Honey and COFFEE can soothe a cough. Honey calms a dry, raspy throat, and a stimulant in caffeine can help expand your airways. So, if you want to stop hacking up a lung, add a teaspoon of honey to your next cup of coffee.

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