Your dog isn’t going to like everybody. So here are signs that a dog doesn’t like someone… whether it’s a friend, stranger, or maybe even your new boyfriend! This comes from board-certified veterinary behaviorist Karen Sueda.

First, take notice if a dog seems to be watching someone’s every move. That’s a sign they don’t trust that person, or that they feel uncomfortable around them. Dr. Sueda says, when dogs are worried about a person, they may stare at them or visually track their movements from a distance.

Another sign your dog doesn’t like someone: Every time that person is around, your dog leaves the room. Dogs are more likely to disengage from a situation than to stay put and possibly fight. So a dog who doesn’t like someone will avoid their eye contact, ignore them – or even leave the room.

Finally, if your dog doesn’t like someone, they won’t even take a treat from them. According to the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, in a study, when dogs observed strangers being unkind or unhelpful to others, they usually ignored the treats being offered by that person – and refused to interact with them in any way!

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