How to Make First Impressions Good

When it comes to first impressions, psychologist Dr. Phil Mcleer  says that our voice carries just as much weight as our looks. In fact, according to the Journal of Voice, when we hear someone speak, the first thing we do is form an opinion about them. So here’s how to use your voice to your advantage:

First: pay attention to the pitch of your voice. When we’re in a tense situation – like a job interview – stress can tighten our vocal chords making it come out strained and squeaky. So, Dr. McAleer recommends warming up our vocal cords by humming. The sound you hear is the natural pitch of your voice. Try that before heading into a stressful situation. 

Next, you’ll sound more likeable if you smile when you speak – even on the phone. Smiling raises the soft palate, making the sound waves we produce more fluid……And that makes our voice sound warm and friendly.

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