HOPE Community Resources

A value driven agency

Individuality, Dignity/Status, Opportunity, Security/Stability, Independence,
Self-Advocacy, Choice/Preference, Integration/Inclusion, Relationships, Joy


Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization providing community supports to hundreds of individuals and families who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury and mental health challenges. We provide services through regional offices located in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, Dillingham, Kodiak, Seward, Barrow, and the Kenai Peninsula. We also serve the outlying areas and numerous rural communities within each region.

Who We Serve

The people who choose our supports range in age from infancy to the elderly, are of diverse ethnic background, and experience a range of disabilities. Each person is individual and unique in the supports they need and request.

Why Choose Hope?

Our mission of support is based on an individualized approach, believing that each person has unique needs and must be the chief architect of their own service delivery plan. By listening to the dreams of the individuals and families who choose our supports, we are able to provide unique opportunities, create new living environments, and expand programs that fully encompass the needs of families. As a result, our community supports are as diversified and as personalized as the dreams of each person.

What Others Say About Hope

Hope Community Resources has enriched my son Grant’s outlook on life, but most of all, how he thinks of himself. His self-esteem and interactive skills have flourished with a flow of happiness where before he felt boundaries and obstacles in his path. The activities Hope offers have brought value and a sense of independence to him, not to mention the wonderful staff that makes him feel like family. I thank Hope for this opportunity for us to be a part of Hope. Where Grant can achieve anything!

— Kim Weaver, parent

Hope Community Resources has given my son confidence, purpose and made his dreams come true. They have changed his life in an incredible way.

— Shelly Filer, parent


Service Philosophy

Whether a full spectrum of services are chosen through Hope, or just one component, we view our relationship with individuals and families as a partnership.

In order for a partnership to work, it is essential that all parties work together to:

The commitment to a partnership is very important, as we practice a “no-discharge” policy through which families and individuals have the security of knowing that when they select us for their supports, we will never require them to leave on an involuntary basis. Through this practice we believe that families and individuals can build trust and find security in our service mission. In return we expect open and respectful communications as we journey together.


Services Overview

Helping an individual in accessing a full life and assisting them in realizing their dreams is really what Hope’s service philosophy is all about.


All of Hope’s services and supports are individualized. Given the opportunity, Hope will work towards meeting the needs of most people requesting services. The following supports are just a few of the offerings that can be uniquely designed to support a full life.

  • New Services—Explore services that are available to you with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff.
  • Supported Living—Live, learn and grow in your chosen environment with individualized assistance in daily living activities.
  • In-home Supports—Sustain a healthy, thriving family through unique supports provided in your home.
  • Respite—Offers a break through short-term care for your family member, utilizing trained professionals.
  • Behavioral Supports—Manage challenging behaviors with specialized assistance to live as independently as possible.
  • Mental Health Supports—Develop healthy, sustainable relationships, while learning to live with mental health challenges and a developmental disability.
  • Recreational Opportunities—Accessible and inclusive activities such as subsistence, art, media, theatre and camps that promote personal growth and encourage the discovery of personal gifts.
  • Supported Employment—Develop job skills that lead to meaningful employment.