Making a Big Change in Your Life

If you want to make a big change in your life, new research shows it helps to visualize your “possible selves.” That’s a concept that describes how people envision their futures: what you want to become, or even fear becoming!

The official term for this is “self-perception,” which refers to our ability to see what we might become – for better or worse. And according to Dr. Hazel Markus, a psychology professor at Stanford University, self-perception is a powerful motivator to make big changes and achieve our dreams! 

As an example: In my case, I imagined what Dr. Markus would call my “hoped-for-self,” where I saw myself as a successful musician, instead of the guy reading celebrity birthdays on TV! 

But surprisingly, Dr. Markus says it also helps to imagine our “feared self,” or the version of ourselves that we most dread. Because fear can also be a powerful motivator. But both a positive and a negative “possible self” are equally motivating. 

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