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Warehouse 49 at Arctic Comic Con

Warehouse 49 was asked to help with bringing gaming to Arctic Comic Con 2019!

All the awesomeness that Warehouse 49 brings to LAN parties will be at Arctic Comic Con during their 2019 event.

Gaming Passes Available at the link below!!/Gaming-Pass/p/120976094/category=28363917

Layout: Picture Layout Coming Soon!
Room 1&2 – PC and Console Gaming
Room 2 – Tabletop Gaming

Alaska D&D Club will be overseeing tabletop
AKG Fighting Games will be overseeing console and console streaming

Tournaments: TBA
Apex Legends – 2pm Start
Signup Link Coming Soon

More details to come soon!

WH49 Sponsors:

Aaron Noraa – WH Multipass
Jeri McDonald – Supporter
Allen Childs – Supporter

Q. How many people can attend the LAN?
A. All the people

Q. What speeds are we looking at for internet?
A. We have planned two GCI 1Gbps connections.

Q. Can I stream my games?
A. Yes at 1080p quality.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Everything you need to game. PC/Console, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, 10′-15′ Ethernet Cable, Surge Strip.
A.2 For tabletop if you are a DM bring whatever you need to DM, we will provide the tables and chairs. For players you may want to bring dice or some other DnD related stuff if you would like.
A.3 If you want to bring some other tabletop game such as Warhammer or board game you are welcome to do so just give us a heads up first.

Q. Monitor limitations?
A. None but you will be limited to about 2.5′ of space so take that into considerations. If there is room and you bring a big monitor then it is fine but if we fill up then we may ask you to bring in a reduced sized monitor.

Q. Power limitations?
A. Power Overwhelming. No power limitations but we won’t let you bring in a blender, microwave, mini-fridge, full size fridge, micro reactor.

Q. I have a lot of stuff.
A. We will have carts at the front entrance. You won’t be able to take the carts to your car.

Q. Can I bring my gaming chair.
A. Sure

We will be updating this page with all the details about the LAN side so stay tuned.

    Dena’ina Civic & Convention Center
    600 W 7th Ave.
    Anchorage, AK 99501 United States