Proving that pets make everything better… A new survey shows that they even make getting OLD better! The brand new University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging found that the majority of pet owners ages 50 to 80 felt aging was easier, both physically and mentally, because of their pets. The survey asked older pet owners if their animal companion helped with stress, energy levels, sense of purpose and more. For each question, the majority of pet owners responded “Yes!

Some of the results from the poll:

88% said pets helped them enjoy life more

86% said pets made them feel loved

73% felt their pets provided a sense of purpose

And 62% said that pets helped them stick to a routine.

That comes as no surprise to Dr. Alice Pomidor, a professor of geriatrics with the Florida State University College of Medicine. She says, pets can be a huge positive when it comes to healthy aging because they ward off feelings of loneliness. Pets can also help improve lifespans by keeping their owners physical active. Just more proof that pets make our lives better!

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