If you have frequent heartburn, bloating or indigestion, here are two ways to relieve your symptoms naturally.
First, have three-quarters of a cup of pineapple BEFORE your biggest meal of the day. It can cut your risk of digestive issues in half. That’s because pineapple has natural digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatories that help move food through your digestive tract faster… and pineapple calms GI spasms. But, it needs to be FRESH pineapple to get the benefits. Because the processing involved in canning or freezing the fruit destroys those helpful compounds.
Then, at the end of every meal, try eating 4 almonds! Stanford University scientists say almonds contain healthy plant fats, which help speed up digestion, and quickly neutralize stomach acid. Almonds also reduce pressure on the stomach valve, so acid is less likely to splash up into the esophagus. Again, eat pineapple BEFORE your biggest meal, and 4 almonds as your “dessert,” to control heartburn.
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