Root for the Alaskan Team on TV’s “Relative Race”


“Relative Race”  is a new reality TV show on the BYUtv Network, which is on local cable channel 124.  The show is about 4 couples racing across the country to find relatives they’ve never met or heard of. When they reach each relative’s house, they have to STAY THE NIGHT! Yikes! They do it all with just a paper map, a flip phone, and $25 a day.  (No GPS!) The first couple to make it to New York City wins the $25,000 jackpot.

Click here to watch the first episode!

Team Black is Janice and Patrick Wright from Anchorage, Alaska.  Patrick works as a Sales Executive for Mix 103.1.  Tune in Sunday afternoons at 4pm on Channel 124 to cheer on Team Black!




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