Want to reduce gas, bloating and acid reflux, and maybe lose some weight? Switch up your mindset when you go grocery shopping! In other words, imagine you’re at a pharmacy. Because certain food choices can affect your health just like prescription meds.

For example: Do you frequently feel gassy and bloated, or have an upset stomach? Eat Greek yogurt with berries. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, and his book Food Can Fix It, yogurt contains healthy probiotics that help improve gut health. And adding fiber-rich berries can help regulate your digestive tract, and minimize gas and bloating.

Next: Have acid reflux? Eat some oatmeal. Dr. Oz says oats contain PREbiotics – the “fuel” that feeds healthy gut bacteria and neutralizes excess acid. And making oatmeal your go-to breakfast, topped with bananas and ground ginger may help reduce acid reflux over time. The ginger is an anti-inflammatory and bananas soothe the digestive tract.

Finally: Got high cholesterol? Eat some hazelnuts. They’re packed with the fiber and antioxidants that help flush out “bad” LDL cholesterol. Dr. Oz recommends eating a small handful of hazelnuts a day – or about what’ll fit in the palm of your hand. Better yet, sprinkle chopped hazelnuts on steamed green vegetables. Because research shows a diet rich in vegetables can help you lose weight, which will also decrease the production of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

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